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Uttsav Inventive Technologies

A integral lighting solutions, enables people to experience the interplay of light and architecture. As a leader in innovation, UIT provides a complete Lighting solution and Technology management systems for all professional areas of offices, education, presentation & retail, hotel & wellness, health, art & culture as well as industry.

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Digital Display Technology

It’s no secret in today’s business landscape that digital signage is one of the most effective and eye-catching communications mediums on the market.Spend time with any marketing professional and it’s easy to feel the excitement generated around digital technology. The enthusiasm is electric. Convinced by the vibrant colors and sharp resolution that a digital display provides, CEOs are ready to deploy dozens of displays under their company’s banners. But before signing on the dotted line and rolling out the cash, it’s important to understand exactly what digital signage is and how it works.

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Residential Lighting

Our high-quality components for Residential automation technology, can help you achieve great success with your designs!

Corporate & Commercial Lighting

Installing the right lights in offices is important in order to create a pleasant working environment.

Hotel & Wellness

The appropriate lighting contributes significantly to the guests feeling welcome in hotels or restaurants.

Health & Care

Light increases the patients' sense of wellbeing, creates a living-room ambience, & accomplishment of visual tasks.

Outdoor & Architecture

Architectonic lighting emphasises the buildings' design, improves the perception of urban objects.

Art & Culture

Where the highest architectural requirements must be met, ever greater demands are also made on light.

Retail & Presentation Lighting

Shopping centres are transforming into adventure spaces that are designed to entertain visitors and get messages across.

Education & Science

Using light to enhance communication, improve awareness and create social understanding.

Active Lighting

Daylight has always accompanied humans, sometimes surprising us but always in a reliable way.

Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting require the effects of light on humans to be considered in lighting design.

Emergency Lighting

Unobtrusive appearance, easy installation, low maintenance effort. In an emergency, they ensure reliable functionality.

Facade Lighting

Large portions of the deployed light often miss the façade in question and the luminance levels are used.

Our Some Facts

“We provide everyone the best light we all enjoy in abundance”
We are an independent Lighting design and Technology firm based in Surat, India. With a team of creative Lighting Designers and Engineers, we work together through a focused process, of bringing life to a space by lighting it innovatively. We do Consultancy as well as Complete Project solution.







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The Process

Our Process to Work


Our team of specialists is attentive and will be able to target the needs of your project, to guide you in the choice of your screen and to provide you with a complete estimate. We take care of the realization of your project, from its conception to its installation and we give birth to your most creative ideas bringing our expertise.


Step by step, with our customers, we begin to translate their ideas into a 3D design of the screen, so we can begin to visualize the final result: the optimal size of the LED screen, its location, its shape, the constraints of the place it will be installed in.


Once the project design is agreed and carefully evaluated against structural and visual requirements, the design of electrical and mechanical engineering can begin. The final mechanical design is carefully discussed and evaluated with architects and structural engineers to ensure an appropriate fit.


Our LED screens are customization using quality components, capable of operating in the harshest environmental conditions. Our products are designed to bring out the very best in advanced LED technology and all of our products have been designed to last in time, consume less energy, with a minimum purchase and production cost.


All installation maneuvers are executed and coordinated by our local teams or partners. On site, we manage the integration and installation of your screens from A to Z. A LED engineer from our team will provide support and training to local partners and will be present throughout the project.


We works closely with a network of qualified local partners for installation, service and maintenance. Our partners and teams are trained and experienced to provide you with quality services and preventive maintenance.


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Our Values


  • We focus on the design of our screens and always strive to link creativity and cutting-edge technology to our projects. Our architects use the most competent tools to give life to their craziest ideas and to surprise you every day a little more.


  • Always on the page in terms of technical and architectural innovations, we produce ever more powerful and resistant LED displays and try to push our projects even further, concentrating on their originality, their durability, and their quality.


  • We want to create honest relationships, based on trust, whether in our team or in our exchanges with our customers. We believe that trust is the foundation of any good relationship, and we strive to make our clients feel part of our team. We value our customer relationships, and see them as partners with whom we go hand in hand to realize our projects.

Attentive listening

  • Our team ensures an attentive listening service troughout your entire project and we will always welcome any suggestions or requests from your part. We are fully trained in the LED technology world as well as its latest advances so we are able to guide you trough your choices.


Our clients love us!


“ There is one fundamental fact about lighting: Where there is no light, there is no beauty. ”

Chanel Iman



“ Life is all about seating and lighting. ”

Adriana Lima

Founder of XYZ

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